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iMassage Inc.
Spa Training

“We were impressed with imassage's individualized and professional approach to our training needs. We learned new skills enhancing our ability to effectively deliver massage to our clients. imassage is a true gift to the educational community.”
-- Director of Massage Therapy Services, Duke Integrative Medicine
Introducing Well World Group
“It is time you offered a customer experience that cuts through the clutter and earns your customers’ loyalty.  Are you ready?”

As a service business, your main objective should be to DELIVER A FLAWLESS EXPERIENCE for both guest and staff. In order to offer superior experiences it is important all internal systems are functioning optimally. The inner workings of an organization will determine your success.

The three main components we help you address:
  1. A clearly defined and implemented guest experience plan
  2. A team of engaged employees who are equipped to deliver the experience
  3. Optimized internal systems that support business

The Case for a Drama Free Workplace

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Customized Massage Training
: Flawless Guest Experiences

With seventy percent of spa guests receiving massage, it is imperative the experience exceed expectations. A commitment to educating the massage team will positively influence your business -- increasing dollars spent per visit, improving the number of repeat visits, and growing your clientele base through positive word of mouth. imassage helps you develop a highly skilled therapeutic massage team that is also adept at navigating softer skills such as customer service, transitions, draping and effective communication.

There are many benefits to having imassage come to your spa; consistency of service, improved retention, less scheduling conflicts and employee self-confidence, being just a few. Ask for a customized program today.

Programs for your Team Members

Step 1: Choose a modality for improved consistency and skill level. Each modality comes with suggested protocols that can be customized.
  • Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pain Management Treatment
  • Body Mechanics and Self-Care

Step 2: Add your choice of soft skills training:

  • Perfecting intakes and service transitions
  • Fine-tuning logistical details
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Communication expertise
  • Generating repeat visits
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